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A Pane in the Glass has been cleaning commercial windows and gutters in the greater Spokane and Northern Idaho area for over a decade.

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Commercial Window Cleaning in Spokane

If you own a business, you know that making sure the working environment is clean and presentable is important to customers, business associates, employees and more. If you work in an environment that is messy, dirty and unmaintained, it will often cast an unfavorable light on your business and the goods services you provide. One of the main ways you can avoid this type of situation is making sure you have a regular schedule for cleaning both the office and windows in your commercial buildings.

commercial window cleaning in spokane

Business Owners in Spokane

Many times a business owner will worry about making sure their office or workspace is kept clean by hiring a janitor or other type of cleaning service to keep the area looking presentable. However, often the washing of the windows is put off. This can be a bad idea. The windows tend to have an impact on the way the rest of the workspace looks. Because of this, they must be maintained as well.

Windows are responsible for adding a scenic backdrop to a workspace. They also bring light into an area as well. If the windows in your workspace need Commercial Window Cleaning, this can have a negative impact on the way your business is viewed.  It also can negatively effect the employees working in the space by lack of sun or just overall appearance.  Have you ever gone into a restaurant and noticed a dirty plate or glass?  This is similar as people walking into the building may see the the dirty windows and wonder what else is being neglected.  A professional window cleaning company can take care of this no matter how difficult the job is.

Importance of hiring a Professional Company

Many companies offer window cleaning services. However, it is important to find a service who is experienced in dealing with Commercial Window Cleaning. A commercial window cleaner will understand how important it is for them to do their work after hours or without causing a disruption in the work taking place. In addition, commercial window washing companies will also understand how to clean windows efficiently and without streaks. This can be of great importance, especially when visiting customers have arrived to view your facilities.  Some commercial buildings are three, four maybe five stories high.  An inexperienced window cleaning company may cause damage attempting to clean the windows.  Choosing an experienced company is a must with these larger projects.

While some people may decide to allow a janitor or others to clean their commercial windows, this is not always a good choice. Many times commercial buildings can be quite high and getting to the higher windows can be a challenge. By hiring a profession, you can be assured all windows will be cleaned in a safe and efficient manner. Keeping your business area clean and presentable can be a great way to show others your business is a professional and responsible organization. Making sure your windows are cleaned will further enhance that image.

Window Cleaning Commercial bldg

Finding the right Company

There are dozens of good window cleaning company’s out there to chose from, how do you find one.  With the good comes the bad.  There are just as many if not more not so good company’s to chose from.  The best way to separate the good from the bad would be to run your own background check on each company.  This doesn’t cost anything, just takes a little time.  Here’s what I’m talking about – All company’s have feedback or reviews from previous customers, whether it be a service company cleaning windows or a restaurant.  There are several sites that collect these reviews from customers like you and I.  These reviews go on the company’s profile and cannot be edited or removed by the company.  The first step is finding several company’s to do the research on, then do your check.  I’ll walk you thru the steps.

Search for Reputable Company

Simply perform an online search using any of the search engines (Google, Yahoo or Bing) –  If you had a commercial building in Spokane you were wanting to get the windows cleaned on, your search would look something like this “Commercial Building Window Cleaning Spokane”  This will bring up several window cleaning companies that specialize in commercial window cleaning.  Now you gather a list for your background check.

Background Check

Now you start the background check.  There are several company’s that collect reviews so let’s find them.  Another search you would type the company’s name, service and city.  Your search would look like this “A Pane in the Glass window cleaning spokane” This will pull sites like Google Plus, City Search and Angies List.  They all have reviews and some more than the other.  Angies List is probably the most aggressive.  Angies list is a public traded company that specializes in connecting their customers to contractors.

How Angies List Works

To become a member you pay a small yearly fee $5 to $15 – This gives you access to hundreds of contractors in each industry for your area.  Once a member has used a contractor they are usually contacted by Angies list and encouraged to leave a review on how the company did.  So the next member that comes along needing “commercial window cleaning” would run a simple search for that service.  All the company’s that provide commercial window cleaning would pop up and have reviews from previous customers.  You can probably see where this is going – If a company provides poor service or bad customer relations, it most likely is going to show up in their profile as a negative grade.  The grading is A+ thru F –  Angies List compiles all the grades together for an average on every contractor. The more reviews a company has, the easier it will be to rate them.  One thing is for sure, a company with bad practices cannot hide on this site.  I’d encourage you to at least read up on Angies list, it’s a great referral source.

If we are chosen to clean the windows on your commercial building, rest assured your property is in good hands.  A Pane in the Glass carries a 2 Million Dollar Liability Policy and all the proper workman’s comp for every employee.  We’ve been in business over a decade and have over 3000 active  happy customers.