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A Pane in the Glass has been cleaning windows and gutters in the greater Spokane and Northern Idaho area for over a decade. For a free quote please give us a call.

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High Rise Window Cleaning Spokane

High rise and low rise Commercial buildings are one of our specialties. A lot of our commercial work consists of buildings 5 stories and lower. Most of the buildings in Spokane aren’t much bigger than this but if you have one that is, give us a call we’d be happy to look at it.  I’m confident we can take care of you or refer a company that can.  If your project is too tricky and out of our league, I can refer you to the best company in Spokane.

About A Pane in the Glass

All our employee’s are actual employee’s. We do not use sub contractors. We only hire the best window cleaners and treat them like family. Ask them, they’ll tell you. A Pane in the Glass carries a 2 million dollar liability insurance policy. We are properly licensed in the City of Spokane and State of Washington. Workmans comp is carried on all our employees as required by the state. We have been in business over a decade and have hundreds of Happy Customer Reviews.

Where can you find these Reviews

We can supply as many as you would like, but I’d encourage you to look around yourself. There are several sites that gather these reviews in an honest non biased manner. Take Angies List for instance. Angies List is a public traded company which specializes in acquiring honest straight forward reviews. The way it works – You buy a yearly membership from Angies list paying somewhere between $5 – $15 Then you have access to hundreds of different contractors in your city. Each one of these company’s have been used before by a customer like yourself. That customer left a review on how the company did. Some company’s have hundreds of reviews and others have few. Angies List is an awesome resource for this.

Another way to find information on a company is by performing a simple google search. Then checking the other sites like Google Plus or City Search for reviews. Example if you were looking for a company to perform High Rise window cleaning in Spokane, you would search “High Rise Window Cleaning Spokane” – Then the company’s that pop up, you perform another search with the name, city and service. Example if A Pane in the Glass was one to come up your search would look like this “A Pane in the Glass Spokane Reviews”

This search will pull up sites that specialize in providing reviews for service company’s to customers like you.  So if you’re a customer looking for a high rise window cleaning company in Spokane, and run your background check on the selected company’s sites like Google Plus, City Search and Angies list will provide you with enough information to chose a good window cleaning company.

The important thing here is to do your homework. Don’t just hire the first company to come along. Do some research and if you can’t find much feedback on a company, there may be a good reason. A Pane in the Glass provides High Rise & Low Rise Commercial Window Cleaning in Spokane, Spokane Valley, South Hill, Coeur d’Alene and several other areas.

High Rise Window Cleaning provided in several area’s

A Pane in the Glass is based out of the Greater Spokane area but offer these services to the following areas:
Highrise Window Cleaning in Spokane
High Rise Window Cleaning in Spokane Valley
High Rise Window Cleaning up on the South Hill
High Rise Window Cleaning in Coeur d’Alene (Cda)
High Rise Window Cleaning in Liberty Lake Wa
High Rise Window Washing in Post Falls
High Rise Window Washing in Hayden