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A dirty roof or dirty house is not just unsightly but neglecting your roof has implications on the rest of the house. You just need to look at the various elements that your roof is exposed to appreciate the importance of giving your roof an occasional TLC. The roof over your head shields you from the sun and the rain. It is also prone to fungal attacks and mold and lichen easily find a home here. The presence of molds and bacteria poses a health hazard to you and your loved ones while a damaged and leaking roof could cause extensive damage to the rest of the house and the furniture.  Apart from aesthetics, roof cleaning offers very distinct benefits.

Increasing roof life – A neglected roof ages prematurely and will inevitably need to be replaced before its due time. If your roof was expected to last 30 years, you might lose up to 10 years by simply neglecting to take care of it. When fungus and algae make your roof their home, they damage its shingles leaving it porous and thereby make way for the development of moss into the wood on the roof. Sooner than later, the wood rots and you might have no choice but to consider roof replacement.

As a homeowner, you can save yourself the expense and trouble of premature roof replacement by scheduling a professional roof cleaning annually. By using the services of power washing Coeur d Alene pros, your roof will receive the care it needs to ensure that it continues to give you great service for many years. As you can guess, the cost of professional roof cleaning is a fraction of what you’d need to pay for roof replacement.

Saving on energy bills

An algae-infested and dirty roof has a negative effect on your energy bills. When the infestation is so serious that it covers the whole roof, the result is that your roof loses its ability to reflect of the sun’s rays during summer. Moreover, a roof darkened by dirt acts a great absorber of heat. To keep your house cool during the sunny season, your air conditioners are exerted to the maximum with the result that you end up spending more on cooling costs than you’d otherwise do if you had cleaned your roof. Professionals have estimated that the increase in energy costs caused by neglected roofs far exceeds the costs a homeowner could incur to have the roof cleaned.

Increasing property value

Getting a dirty roof cleaned is one sure way to increase the value of a home at very little expense. When you are considering listing your home, the roof (and the rest of the house exterior) is what helps potential buyers make decisions. A dirty roof usually makes potential buyers imagine that the rest of the home is in a state of neglect and will usually be unwilling to buy it. Even when you succeed in getting buyers, you can expect that the amounts they’ll offer will be substantially lower than what they’d offer for a home that is in sparkling condition. The buyer immediately factors in the costs of getting the roof replaced and it might be too late to convince such a buyer that all the roof needs is professional cleaning.

Getting your roof cleaned before attempting to sell a home has been proved to increase the value of a home substantially and also to increase the chances of selling the home quickly.

Helps you avoid the dangers of a leaking roof

Even before a homeowner realizes that there are problems with the roof and therefore the need to consider getting it replaced, a leaking roof could cause a myriad of problems. The first victim of a leaking roof is usually the ceiling which could get discolored. If the ceiling also holds lights (as most do) these could also get damaged. When the electrical wiring is in the ceiling the risk of fires from shorted wires increases substantially.

Overflows from the ceiling will usually appear as dirty stripes on the walls and these will damage both paint and plaster.

A leaking roof also provides the ideal conditions for the spread of mold and mildew within a home. Starting from the roof, mold and mildew can spread to the entire home and could cause serious health concerns. The health consequences of an infestation of mold and mildew vary but they could include asthma, nasal congestions and allergic reactions.

Quite clearly, a leaking roof is a disaster waiting to happen and every homeowner should take special measures to ensure that such leaks are addressed at the earliest possible time. One way to keep your roof free of leaks and therefore avoid the many problems that such a roof can cause is to make sure that your roof is cleaned annually by pressure washing Coeur d Alene pros.


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Why roof cleaning should be left to the pros

While roof cleaning is one sure way to increase the life of a roof, it is bound to produce the very opposite results if it is not done professionally. A well meaning property owner could therefore end up damaging a roof by following the wrong cleaning tactics.

Using power washers to clean a roof will produce desired results but these cleaning machines have to be handled by a trained person. While power washers have the strength to lift most kinds of dirt, they can also cause damage to a roof if the wrong pressure is used. Excessive pressure has the ability to damage shingles or even break some tiles. How then do you ensure that you are using the correct pressure? It would be too much to expect the average homeowner to tell with certainty the kind of pressure that would be ideal hence the need to use the services of CDA power washing pros.

Power Washing Coeur d Alene

Some roofing materials are quite delicate and the application of the wrong pressure could cause damage. Professional cleaners not only know how to use the correct pressure but also how to apply both power and soft washing techniques.

When soft washing is applied, the emphasis is not so much on the pressure being used but on the use of appropriate cleaning solutions. There are many cleaning agents available and on assessing the material your roof is made of and the extent of the dirt, a pro will be able to tell whether to rely more on the strength of the cleaning solution or on the power of pressure. A cleaning job could therefore end up using a combination of both cleaning methods.

Even where a homeowner is knowledgeable on the use of soft washing methods, deciding on the cleaning agents to buy might present a challenge and there is always the possibility that the wrong agent might be purchased.

Handling of chemicals by untrained persons is also not recommended – the person doing so might end up poisoning himself or herself or other people. Moreover, there are very strict rules and regulations issued by the environmental protection agency (EPA) pertaining to the use and disposal of chemicals. According to the EPA, the chemicals used in a cleaning job must be environmentally friendly and they must also be disposed off in a way that does not harm the environment. Failure to comply with EPA rules could be catastrophic as the fines imposed by the agency tend to be so high that only an insured contractor can handle them.

The roof over your head cannot be taken lightly. Improper roof care can cause many problems and also cost a huge amount of money in roof repairs and maintenance. Proper roof cleaning provides one way in which a property owner can avoid such problems and it therefore helps to schedule annual roof cleaning with CDA pressure washing pros.


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