Window Washing Reviews

Reviews are an important credential for a window cleaning company to have and be able to show potential customers.  Without reviews it usually means a couple things.  Either the company is too lazy to collect the reviews or the company doesn’t have good enough service to attain good reviews.

A Pane in the glass has a proven track record of collecting reviews.  That’s easy for us to say when as far as you know we could just be making up and posting fake reviews.  You know some company’s perform this bad practice.  I can promise you we aren’t one them.  When it comes to window cleaning or gutter cleaning we take pride in providing awesome customer service and a top notch quality of work and our reviews often reflect this.  There are several sites you can go to which show real honest reviews.  Reviews that are impossible to make up.

One of the sites is called Angies List.  Angies List is a publicly traded company.  Their specialty is collecting these honest real reviews from customers like yourself.  The way it’s set up is you pay Angies list a small membership fee of $5 to $15 dollars per year.  Then whenever you need a contractor whether it be a plumber, painter, window cleaner, gutter cleaning company and hundreds of others, you simply search the site.  You select a contractor based on their reviews and other information.  Then after the contractor has done the work, you leave them a review.  See where I’m going with this.  If a company does a customer wrong or provides poor service it’s going to eventually show up in their reviews.  The company cannot delete these reviews.  It really is an awesome company to use when looking for a new contractor of any sort.

There are several others you can find online as well.  If you search the company’s name, service and city.  You will see others like City search and google+ come up.  Your online search would look something like this “A Pane in the Glass window cleaning spokane”  Then just spend ten minutes reading about the company in question.

To write a review on Google for our Spokane Page follow this link and sign in.