Shower Door Cleaning

Is your shower door covered with hardwater or mineral deposits?  You know the cause of this right?  It’s the minerals in your tap water, when you shower and this water is left to dry on the glass door it will leave a scaley Substance behind called hardwater.  The harder your water is the more severe this will be.  In some areas of the country in different states, cities the water has more minerals in it than other places.  Some area’s have so little that when the water is left on glass of any kind there is nothing left behind.  But most other areas there is stuff left behind and will need a special treatment to remove it.  The hardwater left on windows will not just scrub off.  We use several different acid treatments to remove it.

What is Hardwater and what is used to remove it from Shower doors?

We use a couple different treatments bought through out professional window cleaning supply company.  You the home owner will not have the same access to the products we use, but there are alternatives.  One of the alternatives is a product called CLR.  It’s probably the bottom of our picks but readily available to the normal homeowner in any hardware store.  Another option is a product called Lysol Toilet Bowl cleaner.  This product is actually one of our go to products working better than some of the acids at times.  Once you have chosen your desired product you will need some other tools and equipment.  The next thing you will need is a pad to apply the chosen substance to the window.  Four 0000 steel wool works good as well as a white pad with handle.  Also needed is a clean pack of razor blades.  A bucket with a little bit of soapy water and some small towels and we’re ready to go.


BEFOREHardwater before


Hardwater After

Steps to removing hardwater from Shower Door

Now that you have everything needed here are the steps to removing the hard water safely and correctly.  First you need to wet the window.  A dry window using the tools we’re going to use will scratch the glass.  So it’s important you always have the window wet.  Now take one of your new razor blades and give long straight horizontal or vertical scrapes.  Remember on your wet window.  Once you have scraped the window what this has done is loosened the hard water enough for the treatment to work.  Now wipe most of the water off the window leaving just a little.  Apply some hard water cleaner to the white pad or steel wool and start scrubbing the window in a circular motion.  Doing this for 5 minutes or so you will start to feel the hard water coming off the glass.  After five minutes now apply more water to the window and using another razor blade scrape the window again.  This should remove the majority of the hard water.  You can do several passes if needed.

Why Hire Someone like us

Now that we’ve explained exactly how to clean your shower door, the other option instead of attempting it yourself is to hire us.  Or I urge you to try it yourself, it may or may not work then hire us.  You’ll appreciate the thought of paying someone else to do it if you have tried yourself.  A Pane in the Glass is a professional window cleaning company – getting hardwater of your shower door is what we do.  It’s in our job description as we perform this task on a regular basis.  We are a Spokane Valley window cleaning company carrying a two million dollar liability insurance, licensed to do business in Spokane and Northern Idaho and we carry all the proper workmans comp.

Who are we?  Are we Reputable?

That’s a great question and even better concern.  We have been in business 14 years and employee 7 people.  We aren’t a gigantic company but big enough for you to know we are doing quite a bit right to get here.  Besides our word if you research you’ll see A Pane in the Glass won the award for Best Window Cleaning company in the Spokane and Coeur d Alene area 5 years in a row.  Also Awarded the Angies List Super Service Award three years in a row.  If that still doesn’t convince you, we have hundreds of A+ reviews from customers just like you.  With all these achievements it’s safe to say you’re in great hands if you go with A Pane in the Glass.