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A Pane in the Glass has been cleaning Skylights and Screens in the greater Spokane and Northern Idaho area for over a decade.

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Skylight and Screen cleaning spokane valley

Screen cleaning in Spokane Valley – When it comes time to clean those pesky screens, it can either be an easy chore or a nightmare. It all depends on how many screens and how big of screens you have. A dirty screen is a bridge to provide dirt and other particles gateway inside your home. The screen serves it’s purpose but will become filthy doing so. You have a couple options and can either clean them yourself or pay someone to do it. If you already have a window cleaning service out, ask them what they charge to throw the screens in. You may be surprised at the cost to clean the screens as they are already out there.

Screen Repair or Replacement in Spokane Valley

A Pane in the Glass also provides screen repair or replacement. Screens are like anything else and will eventually wear down and start to degrade. When this happens and the mesh tears the whole purpose of the screen is thrown out the window (pun intended) Then it’s time to replace it or bugs and all the little critters will find their way inside your home.

Skylight Cleaning Spokane Valley

Skylights have a couple purposes – One to bring light into the room and the other is to provide a beautiful view. This is fine unless the skylight is dirty, the it becomes more of an eye sore and doesn’t let as much light in. Skylights are vulnerable to all the outside elements such as bird droppings, dust, leaves, snow and rain. These elements can build up and when they do it’s time to clean them.

A solution to cleaning your Skylights

I have an easy solution for you – clean them. Easier said than done right? Climbing a ladder then walking a roof to get to it can be dangerous. More of a reason to hire a professional company to perform this task. A Pane in the Glass has employees that climb ladders and walk roofs everyday. Doing something over and over usually ends in one result – Practice makes perfect. Skylight cleaning in spokane is a service we are very good at.

We offer Skylight Cleaning and Screen replacement or Cleaning to Spokane Valley and the following area’s:

Skylight & Screen Cleaning Spokane
Skylight & Screen Cleaning Liberty Lake
Skylight & Screen Cleaning Post Falls
Skylight & Screen Cleaning Coeur d’Alene
As well as all these other area’s: Rathdrum, Hayden Lake, Hayden, Rockford Bay Black Rock, Kidd Island, Deer Park, Hope, Five Mile, Nine Mile Falls, Shadle, Newport wa, Priest River, Eagle Ridge, Hangman Hills Qualchan, Colbert, Mead, Airway Heights, Medical Lake, Cheney, Dalton Gardens, Newman Lake, Hauser, Latah, Spangle, Sandpoint, Sagle, Hope Id, Bonners Ferry, Moyie Springs, Spirit Lake, Blanchard, Elk, Chattaroy, Gozzer Ranch, Dartford, Spangle, Veradale, Millwood, Greenacres