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A Pane in the Glass has been serving the greater Spokane and Northern Idaho area with professional window and gutter cleaning for over a decade.

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Window cleaning in Colbert and Mead – If you’re a homeowner you should really consider the pros and cons of having your windows cleaned professionally. Let’s take a quick look at the cons. Sure it may cost a few bucks to have it done. If window cleaning is in your budget then it’s a no brainer, if not then you’ll have to weigh it out carefully. Another con, hmmmm – I can’t think of another one which takes us to a long list of pros.

Positives Of Having My Colbert, Mead Windows Cleaned Professionally

There are quite a few but I’ll try and pick the most popular. Having your windows washed professionally can be a joyful experience if you have attempted cleaning them yourself in the past. An unexperienced homeowner may struggle to produce a subpar window. While us professionals will make it look too easy. We’ve been cleaning windows a long time and should be pretty good at it.

Another positive – every window we touch is guaranteed to come out as clean as the day it was put in brand new. We aren’t just fast but after we’re done cleaning the windows, every window will be perfect. Money back guarantee backs that claim up. The last positive we’ll touch on – if cleaning the windows on your Mead residence requires climbing a ladder or walking a roof, this can be a dangerous task if inexperienced. Let A Pane in the Glass do the heavy lifting, or in this case the dangerous climbing.

How do you find the right window cleaning company in Colbert or Mead

It should all start with gathering a pool of competent providers. Sometimes it’s impossible or difficult to know if they are competent until after you’ve used them right? Well, I’d recommend checking with the customers they have used in the past. I’m talking about reviews or testimonials. These can be found on several different websites such as Google+, City Search or my favorite as a consumer Angies List. These sites gather unbiased testimonials from customers like you and I who have used a contractor. Angies List is based solely around this, fetching the review from the customer. After you have done your homework, I have no doubt A Pane in the Glass will be one of your choices. Give us a call and we can give you an estimate over the phone and schedule if you wish.

Window Cleaning Service Areas:

A Pane in the Glass washes windows in Colbert, Mead and several other locations: 
Spokane, Coeur d’Alene, South Hill, Spokane Valley, Liberty Lake, Mead, Dalton Gardens, Kidd Island, Cheney, Post Falls, Rathdrum, Bayview, Hayden, Hayden Lake, Cda, Sagle, Sandpoint, Hope, Priest River, Newport, Bonners Ferry, Newman Lake, Nine Mile Falls, Rockford Bay,