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A Pane in the Glass has been serving the greater Spokane and Northern Idaho area with professional window and gutter cleaning for over a decade.

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Gozzer Ranch window cleaning

Is now being offered by A Pane in the Glass.  We have been servicing the Coeur d’Alene area with professional window and gutter cleaning for over a decade.  As a Gozzer Ranch home owner you are probably always looking for new ways to improve  your curb appeal.  Window Cleaning is a great upgrade.  You may be asking, how do I find a good honest company to provide me with this service?  With proper research chances are you’ll find this company.

Finding the perfect Gozzer Ranch Window Cleaning Service

There are several ways to check a company’s credentials.  The first and most obvious are making sure the company is properly licensed and insured.  You can ask the company for proof of these two articles.  You can also call the secretary of state to ensure they are licensed.  The insurance can be confirmed thru their agent.

Another great way is to check their reviews.  Many company’s have reviews posted on their website, but to be totally honest with you they aren’t always real reviews.  These can easily be made up.  I’d recommend you do a google search “company name, city, service”  Example a search for us would look like “A Pane in the Glass, spokane or Gozzer Ranch, window cleaning”   This search will bring up sites like Google Plus, City Search, Angies List and several others.  These sites are places customers like you and I go to leave a review on a company.  The most accurate site I’ve come across is Angies List.

What is Angies List

Angies list is a public traded co. which is really good at connecting the customer to proven contractors.  When I say proven, what I’m talking about is a company with good reviews.  Angies list is set up where the customer pays a small yearly membership, usually $5 to $15 – Then when you, the Gozzer Ranch customer is searching for a contractor you simply log into angies list and type in the service desired.  This will pull up dozens of company’s with dozens of real reviews.  You can easily spot a company in question if they have several bad reviews.  The same goes with finding a good company, one with a lot of good reviews. This could save your quite a bit of headache if you take the time and do your homework.

Window Washing Service Areas

 A Pane in the Glass offers window cleaning to more areas than just Gozzer Ranch.  Also servicing: Spokane, Colbert, Cda, Spokane Valley, Deer Park, Mead, Liberty Lake, Post falls, Rathdrum, Hayden, Hayden lake, Newport, Priest River, Sandpoint, Hope, and many many area’s in-between.